New & Refurbished Laptops @ Solihull Computer Shop
These are portable Personal computers, for use at home or in the business environment.  They are usually slightly less powerful than a desktop due to the size and portability.  Although for general use most users wouldn’t notice.  Due to how laptops are packaged and as they come with the screen, keyboard and mouse fully integrated they are more costly than a standard desktop.  That price gap is closing together as technology advances.
There are several types of Laptop, several of the names are coined by brands, but generally, there are two types, standard with 14-16” screens and lightweight models with 13.5” screens and smaller components, which means when choosing a laptop, you need to know when and how you are going to use it to ensure you get the correct model for you.  At Solihull Computer Shop we have new and refurbished laptops available and the team can advise and help you should you need it.  Please call 0121 270 6154 or send us a message via the web form and we will help you consider your options.